Here are Some Web Design Tips for e-Commerce Websites

The web design of e-commerce sites offer a unique set of challenges for website designers, and the entire process is far more important when compared to informational sites, since for these businesses to prosper online, they need websites which are able to perform and promote sales. By breaking websites down into various sections, you will be able to better understand what it takes to make a successful e-commerce website:

User experience

This is quite simple. If users think your website is difficult to navigate and complicated, there aren’t going to be making too many purchases. Concentrate on this part of your website design and get people to test it out before you make your site go live.

Simple navigation

One thing that people find very frustrating when shopping online is having a tough time finding their way around websites. If there are websites which offer easier navigation, they tend to visit them instead. So make sure your site’s navigation is in the same place on every page and includes breadcrumbs.

Make it trustworthy

If you are asking visitors to pay money for anything, they will want to know that they are getting it from a trustworthy source. Also, make sure all payment options are secure so that visitors have peace of mind.


Everybody likes to get a good deal every now and then. So, if you are running any promotions, just make sure they’re clearly visible to customers so they can be enticed to buy more.

Visible Shopping Cart

Make sure your customers are able to see their shopping cart at all times. This is usually located on the top right corner of the screen.

With these tips, your e-commerce website will be well on its way to earning you some big bucks. Just make sure you are paying attention to detail.